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I'll post pictures and random stuff here. I have no plan or purpose yet.

Back on track

Music Posted on 02 Sep, 2009 03:00:52

After some time of confusion I’m back to Bob Dylan.


Politics Posted on 02 Sep, 2009 02:56:13

I’ve spent quite a lot of time discussing politics the last week.

I feel I’ve come to a point where there’s nothing left to discuss.

It was fun as long as it lasted.

There’s two ways of doing things:

1) Make your own decisions

2) Let others decide for you

Just choose one of the two, and don’t come complaining later.

Who does your body belong to?

If you ask communists/socialists, they will reply: to the workers.

If you ask fascists, they will reply: to the state.

If you ask capitalists, they will reply: to yourself.

Social democracy = tyranny of the majority

That’s all.