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Never again

iPhone Posted on 28 Dec, 2009 19:12:49

I gave Apple a try. iPhone looks fancy, and it’s easy to use. In the beginning that is. Then you get annoyed by the lack of freedom. And there’s no way to make shortcuts to anything. If you want to turn something on/off, you need to enter settings and submenus. Anyone may use iPhone, but it’s not for me. You simply can’t customize AT ALL. Screw that shit. HTC here I come. Android + Sense UI = Perfection.


iPhone Posted on 06 Aug, 2009 23:15:05

I broke my iPhone out of the fruit jail. Yay! Finally. Um. Yeah, that’s right. I can do some more stuff. Like record video on a 3G. I thought that limitation was a hardware issue. But no. I haven’t tried it in daylight yet. Indoors the quality was pritti crappy (intentional typo, for you spelling nazis. Had you there for a sec, right?).

So what else is new? I’m able to put icons in folders. That’s quite neat. And the background is actually the background of my home screen.
I thought it was a bigger deal. The jailbreaking didn’t even remove any of my data. But I expected a pineapple boot logo. Boo.

Btw: here’s a nice video about how to create and add ringtones from any music file.